While selling my paintings wasn't the primary reason for setting up this blog, most of the works featured on it are (or have been) for sale.


Price Guide

All of the 7 x 7 cm paintings (including the Lego Minifigures) are £15 inclusive of postage to the UK. International postage will be charged at (estimated) cost.

Note that all of the 7 x 7 cm paintings are in acrylic and will be supplied varnished. They do not need framing, but if you a D ring for hanging, please ask. No extra charge.

Other paintings don't follow simple rules. Some are priced in the link to this page, some are not. If you ask me about a specific painting, I will be happy to give you a price. Expect to pay between £30 (for a 5x7" painting) and £600 (for a really big painting). This includes varnishing; some paintings are not ready to be varnished (oil paint takes a long while to dry sufficiently, but the paintings can be framed and hung in the meantime). If you buy one of these paintings, I will varnish it for you at a later date, if you return it to me. Alternatively, I can offer advice on varnishing.

Greetings Cards

Click here for the blog post introducing the card range
Click here for the list of designs in the range


Click here to see my print range.

Framing Costs

Framing can be expensive, particularly if you get a professional involved. Happily, framing a canvas or a board isn't very difficult (it helps that there is no glass involved!) - I have a post on the topic that might help. Alternatively, I can frame the canvas for you at frame cost + £10. Frames can be made to order (there are several suppliers on the Internet) and readymades are available.

Postage and Packaging

P&P will be charged at estimated cost (apart from the 7 x 7 cm paintings, whose price includes UK postage). This means that I will do my best to discover how much Royal Mail will charge me to post the parcel to you and I will pass this charge on. Note that a frame will add to the weight of the package and is likely to increase the costs of postage.

So, Would You Like to Buy A Painting?

Please contact me via the link at the bottom of the main Web site. I will accept PayPal or a personal cheque (in sterling).

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