Sunday 26 March 2017

Artikinesis Spring back into action

Artikinesis Springtime Exhibition

West Berkshire Museum, Newbury

29 March - 23 April 2017

West Berkshire Museum in Newbury (also known simply as “Newbury Museum”) is hosting the latest exhibition from the five-strong collective Artikinesis.

Adeliza Mole •  Elinor Cooper •  Amanda Bates •  Rosemary Lawrey •  Brian R. Marchant

 a selection of original artwork inspired by
West Berkshire and North Hampshire

West Berkshire Museum • Gallery 5 (upstairs)
29 March to 23 April 2017

Wednesday 8 March 2017


Ghost. Oil on canvas, 38 x 46 cm
This, a different angle on the ruined chapel at the Holy Ghost cemetery to that seen in my last post, was painted for Artikinesis' Basingstoke Project. I posted it on the Artikinesis site, but not here. It uses a very limited colour palette - there is no red (this is offset a little by the warm brown of the linen ground). I used only Phthalo Blue, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White.

The painting was based entirely on pen sketches made on site and memory.

Not Just Roundabouts

I've always liked the old railway posters. A "Travel" theme prompted this attempt at evoking their spirit, drawn in Molotow One4All Markers on A5. Since Artikinesis did The Basingstoke Project, I have a wealth of source material on Basingstoke (less than ten miles distant and, one could argue - as indeed we did - in need of an image adjustment). This is from a line sketch of the ruined chapel in the Holy Ghost cemetery, not far from the railway station.