Wednesday 19 April 2017

Cabin Fever

This is my new studio. It arrived just before Christmas (earlier than expected) and was erected professionally by Perfect Cabins. I have painted it, inside and out, with a little help from friends. I have also been practicing my woodwork skills inside. It's a bit smaller than the room I was renting at Swan Street, with less wall space to display work, so storage has been a key requirement. I shall have to be more selective about the display for Open Studios (just over a week to go - I will be ready, but it will be close!).


"Also notable are [Amanda Bates'] trio of small works, hung as a vertical panel: Thatcham's Bluecoat School, Donnigton Caste and Newbury Corn Exchange. The subjects are tightly cropped within the frame, with little context, giving them a palpable presence."
Newbury Weeky News: Lin Wilkinson

Three wooden panels, each 15  x 15 cm, painted over clear gesso so that the wood peeps through the thick oil paint. These three pictures were painted for, and are currently on display as part of, the Artikinesis Springtime exhibition at the West Berkshire Museum, The Wharf, Newbury - but only until Sunday 23 April.

The exhibition also features work by Rosemary Lawrey, Elinor Cooper, Adeliza Mole and Brian R. Marchant.

Thatcham Bluecoats / Newbury Corn Exchange / Donnington Castle
Oil on wooden panel
£50 each