Tuesday 2 February 2016

The Pier (Royal Pier Gatehouse, Southampton)

Line and Wash on rough watercolour paper, approx A3
This is from an old photograph that I took in 2002. I'm fairly certain that The Pier had been a nightclub when I lived in Southapmton, but the building was unused at the time of the photograph. It's now been restored and is a Thai restaurant.

I used a fountain pen with a flexible nib (the Noodler's Creaper pen), loaded with Koh-i-noor black document ink, for the line work that preceded the watercolour wash. Both of these are new to me; the flexible nib allows for a more expressive line, while the document ink is apparently fade-proof and waterproof and (unusually for inks with the other characteristics noted) isn't going to damage my fountain pen.

Of course, I still like dip pens (which are often more flexible, and can be used with any ink without fear for delicate workings), but this combination is very convenient for working outdoors, and it seems to work very well.

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