Monday 13 August 2018

4 inch squares

Three "Crashing Wave" squares
It all started earlier this year when I got my hands on a supply of square mounts, eight inches square with a four inch square aperture. They were a nice size, but I didn't have very many pieces on paper to suit them. Then I realised that some bigger pieces, which didn't quite work as a whole, would look great if they were cut up and the choicest parts presented in these mounts. It seemed to work especially well with pictures done in acrylic ink, with trees and waves being good subjects.

I took the first four of these little pictures to an exhibition in March, and three of them sold from the browser. The last sold during the May Open Studios (West Berkshire and North Hampshire).

With another Open Studios coming up (Hampshire Open Studios, 18 - 27 August), I have made some more of these little pictures. I have been making them as long pictures and then cutting the up into "sets" of up to three squares (the long side of A3 doesn't quite make four lots of four inches, but that's okay because there is more scope for choosing the most interesting bits). Each picture is selected to  work on its own, but those in the same set will share things like scale, colour balance and, for the seascapes, the level of the horizon.

"Autumn Beech 2"
4 inch squares
Acrylic ink on paper,
mounted in white card, to fit an 8 x 8 inch frame
£25 each

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