Tuesday 27 September 2011


Hello. This is my art blog. I'm going to use it to post a few paintings, some practical information, and any relevant news.

Who am I?
I'm a mother of two who lives in North Hampshire in England. With both children finally at school, I found myself inexplicably unemployed (well, there are an assortment of factors, but let's leave boring stuff like that at the door; this is about the art). I don't have an art degree (I've got a couple of science ones, though), although I do have an 'A'-level and a few oddments of tuition picked up here and there. I'm reasonably aware of Art History, and I suppose I ought to declare an affinity for the Impressionists, although any similarity between my recent work and their historical pieces is more of a happy accident than a deliberate choice.

I'm inspired by nature and by everyday objects. I have a particular interest in landscape painting, which I prefer to do on location or, as, the Impressionists used to say, en plein air (literally, "in the open air"). I've recently spent a lot of time on the local downs - some of it walking (and checking out the views), some of it painting. I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of these splendid hills, and I'm trying to take advantage of that by avoiding the use of the car where possible.

Update: Now working full time again, I'm finding it harder to make time for painting - but I'm still managing to do so!

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