Friday 18 November 2011

Gearing up for Christmas Fairs

I'm quite excited by this. I got some cards made up by a local printing firm (Keeps Printing in Newbury - very reasonable prices and lovely service). There are 100 cards - 50 of each design. I used "Cannon Heath Down" (5) and "Watership Down" (1) - I fired up Corel Draw to arrange everything (the title, my name, and the address of this blog are all on the back) and to make a PDF that I sent a copy of to the printers.

The idea is that they might sell as individual cards to people who don't feel ready to own an original painting... or who might just want to send a greeting to somebody. It'll give my stall at the school's Christmas Fair a bit more range. I might even sell something!

The school fair is on the 2nd of December. And on the 4th, I'm signed up for a second fair! Busy weekend...

Expect a special visitor to this blog on the 2nd, too...

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