Thursday 21 February 2013

Bromley Arts Festival

I'm really thrilled to be able to say that I will be at the Bromley Arts Festival, with my Bromley Project, and that we will be occupying the pop-up art gallery!

I gather that the "pop-up" concept comes from retail and refers to the temporary occupation of an outlet. In this case, Bromley town centre have a dedicated, mobile(ish) space that will, I think, be the venue for short term exhibitions. In a former life, Bromley's pop-up gallery was a shipping container. These days, it has a mirrored exterior... and space for arty stuff inside. While mine won't be the first exhibition held therein, it will, apparently, be the launch exhibition!

The paintings will be for sale, as will a modest selection of postcards, magnets and t-shirts based on the works. There might even be space for one or two non-Bromley paintings. And... there will be a book. I uploaded it to Blurb yesterday, so the 10 copies I ordered should be with me before the 24th of March...

If you happen to be in the area, do pop in and see me.

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