Thursday 28 February 2013

The Bromley book

It's here! I ordered 10 copies in paperback of my Bromley book from Blurb, and they arrived yesterday. There's no 12" version of this book - just the 7" one.

I'll be taking the books with me to the Bromley Arts Festival. Hopefully I will not bring them all home again...

This is the blurb from the back:
The Bromley Project is one artist's representation of one day in Bromley. Images of the North Village and of Downe House present town and country in paint (and a little bit of oil pastel).
This is the day that was:
26 August 2012

It was quite a nice day.

This book includes all of the paintings from the project along with selected "in progress" shots and notes made by the artist. There are also a few short articles about media and art in general.
 The two oil pastels in the book didn't appear on the blog.


  1. Hello Amanda, I have had a look a your book and noticed how much work you have put into it. It looks really good and very professional. Although I have not had time to read all of it, I am sure a lot of people will get interested and buy a copy.
    All the best Pat

  2. That's nice of you to say so, Pat. Unfortunately, the books are a little on the pricey side and I'm rubbish at marketing. They are on Amazon, though.


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