Saturday 2 March 2013

Oil Pastel Rescue Squad - part one

Before...                                           and after
A while back, I painted Lemonade, but I was never entirely happy with it; the bottle was the wrong shape and its proportions looked funny. But I had allowed the painting to dry, and spreading new oil paint over the textured areas of the painting would not, I decided, work very well.

Then, I got to wondering whether oil pastel would sit on top of oil paint.

I tried it. It did.

So I used it to "correct" the lines of the bottle, and to add definition to a few other areas. I may have unclouded the lemonade a little too much, but, on the whole, I think that this rescue mission has worked.

The jury's still out on the next one (Cannon Heath Down 3). I think it needs some more work.

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