Thursday 21 March 2013

Primary Pair - SOLD

This isn't a "standard" minifigure painting. It's a bit bigger, for a start. Nearly 6 times bigger. And of course there are two figures. It was also painted (partly) with a knife, and I restricted myself to the CMYK + white palette that I have adopted recently for acrylic knife-work.

I did keep the square format, and it was pleasing to reuse the minifigure from the very first (small) minifigure painting.

It's called "Primary Pair" because it's the first painting like this (although I am not planning any more at present) and because the minifigures are - hair and features aside - primary colours. They are also quite basic, with no printing except for the minimal facial features. I wanted to keep the painting clean and simple - with figures that didn't mean anything too specific - to retain the iconic feeling of the minifigure in itself, and to allow people to put their own interpretation on it.

I have my own, very personal, interpretation, which wasn't part of the original concept. No doubt some of you will have your own, too.

Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 cm
20 March 2013



  1. are you going to share your interpretation, then?

    I think they've met at a Christian Union meeting at university and are off to have a coffee together, wondering if perhaps they'll be more than friends.

    1. No, Beth, I'm not.
      But I do like your interpretation. Very imaginative!


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