Thursday 12 June 2014

Godrevy Dunes: a work in progress

EDIT: Click here for completed work.

This is the work currently on my easel. It's not finished, but it is oil on on canvas, 60 x 60 cm, and it will probably be called "Godrevy Dunes".

Charcoal marking out the "rule of thirds" to aid composition; compositional sketch, also in charcoal.

To be honest, I rarely mark out thirds, and I only sometimes sketch first. But this seemed like a difficult compostion to fit in the square.

Adding paint... adding layers ... oops. It doesn't look right.

That last shot, printed, scribbled-upon (and scanned) 

I have actually fixed the horizon now, but there were no batteries in my camera, so there is no picture. 


  1. Hi Amanda you don't half produce a lot of work, I wish I could be more disciplined, mind you I am waiting for a new Winsor Newton Radial Easel that way I can paint on bigger canvases...

  2. I work quickly :-)
    Hope your new easel arrives soon...

  3. Finished, at last...


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