Sunday 25 January 2015

#C2C15: Spots in Time

Spots of Time
Who, me, literal?

The most recent Cover 2 Cover sketchbook was a challenging one. "Spots in Time" refers to a Wordsworth poem, and the brief was to investigate transience and the passage of time, with reference to personal memories and the natural world.

So I decided, reluctantly, to leave science fiction and time travel out of it.

The next exchange is a week tomorrow. I wonder what theme I'll get ...

The Day the Future Changed
It did. And that's all that I'm saying.
My only double page spread in this book.

Tree Rings
Because they represent a succession of moments in time

Dandelion Clock

Music, learning and practice

A moment that never was 

A way to capture those spots of time

Reference to Great Expectations and bad housekeeping

"Time and Tide" doesn't really refer to waves, but it's a nice saying and the picture does represent a spot of time. A spot spent watching the waves at Portreath... mesmerising.

I'm really annoyed that I put an 's' in 'waits'. 

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