Wednesday 24 June 2015

Botallack Count Houses and Newbury Lock

Botallack Count Houses
Two more - rather watery in theme - line and washes. Both were done from photographs using dip pens, acylic inks (sepia and white) and watercolour.

Newbury Lock - SOLD
My watercolour palette continues to roughly follow my oil palette (phthalo blue, lemon yellow, quinacridone rose/magenta), with the addition of a few colours (quinacridone gold joins the quinacridone rose, and I find ultramarine to be of greater use in watercolour than in oil).

I even used making fluid in the Botallack painting; you can see it (as a pale turquoise overlay) in the first of my "in-progress" shots, below:

Left: Inked and masked; Centre: First wash liberally applied; Right: Nearly finished

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