Wednesday 17 June 2015


Oil on linen canvas, 55 x 46 cm
Tuesday was gloriously sunny; a perfect day for painting pretty, disused barns ... and for getting just a little bit sunburnt in the process. Of course, I should have followed my friend's example and set up in the shade.

You can see what Rose made of her shady spot by clicking here.

While Rose and I were on site, the landowner arrived with a couple of other men to inspect the buildings and talk about plans.

The landowner parked his pickup truck behind me and my easel, and I felt obliged to enquire if our presence was a problem - it didn't seem to be - and to apologise for not having sought his permission for painting there. The response was a request for a sketch.

So, I returned yesterday (Wednesday) to make the sketch...

... which took a different viewpoint, and also included the interesting (and apparently stubbornly immobile) old trailer chassis.

Post Script: The sketch was well recieved

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