Tuesday 10 November 2015

Sketchbook Exchange 2016 (part 1)

Artists from West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studios have started their 2016 sketchbook project. This time, we made our own sketchbooks, concertina-style.

I wasn't enamoured of the floppy card cover. Having been assigned the theme/subtheme Textures/Grain, I decided to use some things with grain to replace the card...
3mm beech-faced plywood, carved, with leather. Held together with nuts and bolts from an I-can't-believe-it's-not-Meccano toy and annotated with Molotow marker pens
There are only four pages per artist in these books, so I crammed several grainy things onto my first page:
Pine grain (Derwent Drawing), grains of rice and salt (Molotow), wheat (pen and ink, acrylic); sand (Molotow)
(It being a concertina, I thought I'd use the back of another page and put some grains there, to be seen through the knot holes. There are a few that can't be seen easily, too).

... and the next page was also home to several thoughts:

Wooden handle of hand chisel (Molotow), alabaster grain (watercolour and watercolour pencil); pointillist landscape, imaginary (Molotow)
But the last two pages were home to one idea. A fairly off-topic idea, inspired by the "grain" more than by the the "texture".
John Barleycorn, folk song, as sung by Traffic. Molotow and acrylic inks
It's a song drawing. They started in last year's sketchbook exchange project, and they've come back in this year's.


  1. Hi Amanda - loving the start you have made!
    I am a fellow sketchbook this year as well, my group has local history, my sub theme being surprises! Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for the comment. About to post part 2 ...


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