Monday 5 December 2011

Christmas Selling

This weekend, I had tables at two Christmas fairs - the primary school on the Friday and a local dance school on the Sunday. I don't have any others planned. I managed to make a modest profit on both fairs, which was gratifying, but it has to be said that my ware (and its prices - which were, I thought, quite modest for what they are) and the general expectations of the customers didn't tally very well.

The landscapes were evidently of interest to several people - usually adults, who were pleased to recognise the local area - but nobody seemed inclined to buy, which I wasn't very surprised about (I rarely have £40 or more to spend on a single item when I attend such fairs; why should I expect anyone else to?). I was, however, really quite surprised that I didn't sell any greetings cards at all, although I did get one or two queries about their price (£2 each).

The Lego paintings seemed very popular, but there were only a few actual buyers (I sold 3). At the first fair, the table was often surrounded by children - often, but not exclusively, boys - lamenting that they didn't have enough money to buy a Lego painting (£10). After that, it occurred to me to print a few photo quality cards on the ink jet at home. I sold quite a few of these (50p each) at the second fair, and it seems that these were a far better match to the type of event.

So I now have another sideline. I've still got a small stock of these cards, and I'm happy to print on demand if there is a particular image you're interested in that I don't have in stock. You can see all the Lego Paintings here, and all of the 7 x 7 cm ones here (which includes the Lego Minifigures).

I've also added a "For Sale" tag to the site. This allows you to see an automatically updated list of the available paintings. If you are interested in buying or commissioning a painting, please contact me.

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