Friday 16 December 2011

Coffee for Two

These are a series of paintings - all works on paper - I made for an OCA project a few years back.

The first painting, an acrylic, was an attempt to paint the "negative space" (i.e., just the background) using a limited palette. I used black, yellow ochre and white (and my yellow ochre was horribly bitty. I think it was an old tube - maybe it was drying out? Or maybe it was reverting to earth...).

The second painting was a fairly quick rendition of the subject in acrylic, using lots of colours.

The third painting is the one I spent the most time on. It's in oil, and I seem to have changed my vantage point. I'm not sure why I did that - I think that the lower viewpoint works better. Some of the perspectives on the circles are off, too, but overall, I'm quite proud of it.

In both of the second two, I deliberately omitted a logo from the red mugs. It wasn't a terribly involved logo - one word, in white - but I just didn't want my painting to feature it, because it wasn't what the painting was about. The painting was about reflections... and coffee, of course.

Black, no sugar, please.

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