Thursday 5 April 2012

In Print!

Me and my paintings got ourselves featured in a genuine, bona fide, printed, glossy magazine!

A small one.

It may not quite be Time or Cosmo or, indeed, any of your High Street newsagent titles, but it's still a very nice thing. The magazine is Hotter Shoes' Comfort Club customer magazine, and I'm in the Summer 2012 edition (which doesn't seem to be online at the moment, but you can see some of the back issues here). The article is reproduced here with permission.

I do own a couple of pairs of Hotter shoes - although I must confess that I don't use them on my walks (I've got a venerable pair of Scarpa walking boots that usually take me out and about off-road). The Hotter shoes are very comfortable and - this is the important bit, for me - they make them in my size (I'm a UK 9, which is just one size larger than is easy to buy on the High Street).

Anyway, I "liked" Hotter's page on Facebook, and then when they announced a presence on Google+ (where I have a remarkably sedate account), I added them to my circles there and they reciprocated. Which meant that they got to see my "Public" posts - which are mostly related to this very blog.

It seems that the tumbleweed blows through Hotter's Google+ account as much as it does through mine, and their PR Assistant had the opportunity to notice my painting posts, which she liked well enough to get in touch and ask me if I would like to be featured in the magazine.

And so, I was.

The images that Hotter used are "Coffee For Two", which was posted here, and "Watership Down (1)", which was posted here.

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  1. Do I love shoes? Um... not really. I hate shopping for them ("Do you have this in a 9? This? OK, what do you have in a 9?"). Mostly, I just want them to fit and be comfortable to walk in.

    But, like many women, I do have too many pairs. Well... you need some that go with a skirt (I do wear a skirt sometimes), some that you can wear to a wedding, some that you can wear to work, some casual ones that'll take you anywhere with jeans, some that you can put on quickly and dash out of the door in, and some that you can tramp around on the hills in. Of course.

    And then there's sandals...


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