Saturday 10 November 2012


This is the concourse at Bromley North railway station. It was shut the day that I was there, so I took photographs through the metal grille, and it is those photographs that I used to work this image up.

I wanted to do something different with the colours, so I decided to use secondaries as my base. The first in-progress shot (below) shows the Cadmium Orange and Deep Violet underpainting. The white is that of the canvas.
Then I added Yellow Ochre:
More Deep Violet and some Burnt Sienna to firm up some detail:
Lemon yellow and Titanium White:
The final image (top) also has a little Cadmium Red and Coeruleum Blue.

Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 20 cm

Note: All the in-progress shots were taken yesterday evening, under artificial light. The main photograph was taken mid-morning today, in subdued daylight.

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