Tuesday 6 November 2012

The Railway Hotel, Bromley

This is a pub with a history, with famous clientele (I am told that Ernest Hemmingway, H.G.Wells and David Bowie have all drunk here, although not, one imagines, all at the same time) and a reputation as a live venue (as can be seen in the small acrylic I made in September, reproduced below.)

It was built in the Victorian era, and is rather an appealing building, with its distinctive tiling and generous proportions. Camra have a short description of the hostelry on their Web site; when I was in Bromley, the place was closed, and I understand that it has not reopened yet.

The painting was made from a series of photographs. It took me three evenings to finish, and I have in-progress shots from the end of each session:

Oil on board, 50 x 40cm

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