Sunday 8 September 2013

Instrumental Abstraction

I usually paint figuratively (that means that I paint pictures. Of things. Generally, they are things that I can see). But this is an attempt at an abstract painting. It started as paint left over on the palette from another painting; the colours didn't suggest anything in particular, so l just tried arranging then in a manner that pleased me. The results are reminiscent of an underwater scene, I think.
Abstract art is a bit of a mystery. What is it? Does it have to be something? How do I make a "good" abstract painting? I imagine that abstract art is a little like instrumental music. The recognisable objects in figurative art are a bit like the audible words in a song; they tell us what it means, what it is. Much as I prefer figurative art over abstract, I also prefer music with words (especially words that I understand) over that without. But some instrumentals manage to inveigle their way into my literal mind; Apache, Swan Lake (which doesn't have to be the version played by Madness!), Lily Was Here, countless TV themes... And then there's the semi-abstract music... because the colours in my painting remind me slightly of the album cover, here are the Cocteau Twins:

What do you think of my analogy? What instrumentals would you suggest to someone generally hooked on the words? What's your favourite piece of abstract art? And is the picture upside down?

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