Thursday 19 September 2013

School Mural Project: We have paint!

The morning was (tolerably) dry, I wasn't at work, and the paint (System 3 acrylic) had arrived... so I made a start.

Two groups of children came to help me during the morning. I discovered that: I didn't have enough ice cream tubs (sharing was awkward); it was difficult to keep up with their demands for more paint; and they really should have been wearing shirts as overalls, not aprons (the danger was usually from the-child-next-to-them's paintbrush, which was invariably overloaded and waving around randomly). I'm also fearing that I will run out of white and lemon yellow.

Some of the kids needed a little direction, but once they knew what was required, they were enthusiastic and did a splendid job. We have very nearly finished the first wall, with its view of Watership Down, and the second wall was a useful home for the odd bit of leftover paint!

... Oh, and, by a curious coincidence, a local news photographer was visiting the school. The headmaster rapidly co-opted the journalist into recording the initial painting session.

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