Friday 20 December 2013

Dippping a toe into the world of fine art printing

We're not talking greetings cards. We're not talking posters. We're miles away from Vistaprint or Bonusprint.

We're talking "giclée" (stop sniggering, native French speakers), and, actually, I went to Warsash near Southampton. Giclée is, as the Wikipedia link given above explains, a term used to describe high quality digital inkjet prints of fine art. Posh reproductions of paintings.

Extreme closeup (my photograph) of an area of The Beeches
After I had an enquiry about a print of The Beeches, I looked for a fine art print studio in Hampshire. I ended up almost at the opposite end of the county. The gentleman I spoke to at River Studio was helpful and highly complimentary of my work (it's difficult to ignore that sort of thing). I arranged to visit - with the painting - on Tuesday, but was delayed by a child's illness. I made it to Warsash today. Slightly surprised at finding myself in a residential area, I was pleased to find myself expected and welcomed.

We discussed the print market (apparently burgeoning in the UK), and I accepted advice on size and format. Prices were discussed, both of prints and of originals. I knew I was undercharging for my work (but being outside of a formal marketplace, it's hard to sell at gallery prices, particularly when your customers are largely friends and acquaintances); nonetheless, I was impressed when he unequivocally priced The Beeches at £250. I sold it for £80.

There is the possibility of selling prints via a new online shop that the enterprising printer is setting up in the new year. It sounds very interesting, and I hope to be part of it.

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