Friday 27 December 2013

Lay Figures - Part 2

Conté on black paper (A4)
Meet Jack, aka Sportylay. He's quite a bit smaller than the bigger figger in part 1, but he's not stuck to a pole. He's magnetic - well, his hands, feet and ball are.

Despite being rather less flexible or poseable than the other manikin, Jack (who got his name after climbing up a candlestick), gets up to far more mischief...

Above left: Chinese Ink painting (ground Indian Ink and water), A5 Langton watercolour paper
Above right: Banana Hook - Rotring Artpen (Indian Ink), A4 cartridge paper

Above right: Dive, coffee and washable blue ink
Above left: Escape, ink and wash

Above right, Jack be nimble... Conté on red Murano paper
Above left, Handstand, tea and assorted inks
Above, painted in tea, before and after graphite
Above right, Easel, Watercolour, A4
Above left, Top of the tree, Conté on teal Murano paper

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