Saturday 1 February 2014

February 2014 - Library Exhibition

11 months ago, I booked myself back into the library at Tadley for this month, little thinking that I would be a full time (or thereabouts) artist now. Nor, indeed, that several of my paintings would be in Warsash being copied for fine art prints.

I still had enough paintings to fill the exhibition space (I actually had to leave some behind at the studio because the boot of my car wasn't big enough, and I had my two children with me). The exhibition didn't quite install smoothly - our home printer wasn't working properly, so I had to leave a handwritten list with the library staff, and the cards didn't all get written. And one of the stars of the show - "Visit Kingsclere", the railway poster pastiche - wasn't varnished or framed, so there is a "train delayed" notice in its place.

I will be returning early next week with the missing elements.

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