Saturday 8 March 2014

#SkyMarch 1 to 7

This month's Twitter art hashtag is #SkyMarch; the idea is to make images that are dominated by the sky. I have been trying to represent the sky as it appeared at some point during each day. Here are the first week's worth of images:

Day one was a coloured pencil sketch from the top of Sainsbury's car park in Newbury, to which I later added ink.

Day two started grey - kind of an HB pencil sort of day - and, later, it rained, which inspired me to draw the object obscuring the sky.

Days three and four in acrylic and watercolour respectively.

Day five in watercolour, carbon and sanguine; day six was grey like the oil painting (Long Rock) I was working on.

(Day six bonus paintings will be featured separately.)

Day seven, a 7 x 5 inch knife-sketch in oil from the window of my studio

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