Monday 17 March 2014

#SkyMarches on...

The next instalment of #skymarch is ten days strong...

(Click here for days 1 to 7)
Day 8 was acrylic from the back of the house; day 9 was a view from the studio in pastel.

Day 10 was contrails in the morning (acrylic) and day 11 was coloured pencil in Newbury town centre.

Day 12, being dull, had me working in acrylic from a 2013 photograph of sunset over the Basingstoke poppyfield. I thought the first rendition was too tight, so did another.

Day 13 dawned foggy, but burnt off and I caught a bird of prey on camera. I misidentified the buzzard as a red kite (no excuse for that; I can tell 'em apart) and contritely went to an older photograph for an actual red kite. Both posh Sennelier oil pastel on cheap black paper.

Day 14 was knifework in acrylic from the studio; day 15 a quick Conté from the kitchen.

Day 16 was a self portrait in sky colours - rather small and done with a knife after completing Blue and White Balloons (with the left over paint). The painting is on a scrap of faced corrugated cardboard; the photograph looked dull, so I applied a digital correction - the auto white balance is a crude tool, but here it turned my cardboard red and I decided it suited the image.

Day 17 was budget oil pastel on A4 sugar paper, and dominated by the trees. So I sought out a view without trees on my way home from town and ended up with a view over the wire at Greenham Common (coloured pencil in A6 sketchbook).

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