Friday 7 March 2014

Long Rock (Waves)

This is based on a photograph that I took last December (2013) at Long Rock, Marazion, Cornwall. It was (I thought) unusually rough that day for Marazion, which is in a sheltered spot in Mounts Bay. It got significantly worse within a month or two.

The painting was completed over three days. On the first day, I applied a thin, turpentine-diluted wash of rose madder (hue) and phthalo blue, which gave a pinky-purple surface. On the second day, I did this:

And on the third day (today) I finished it.

Long Rock
Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm


  1. It did get a lot worse. Penzance railway station was flooded, and the line was closed for several weeks. It's only just reopened.

  2. Beautiful painting of a. Lovely place.


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