Thursday 13 November 2014

Work in progress: Newtown Common (Evergreen) + News

This is one of those moments when I take stock and reconsider using "real" colours. It isn't finished; there is more to do, but how close to reality do I take this now?

I'll have a think, but do share your opinion, if you have formed one.

(Oil on canvas, 50 x 100 cm)

In other news, Porthtowan and View from Rock have both arrived with their intended new owners (both paintings were commissioned as gifts), and I was delighted to have heard directly from both recipients, who were very pleased.

Time for a small bit of promotion: there is still time to commission an oil painting for Christmas (domestic market only; I can't guarantee timely delivery on international orders). There's a bit more time for acrylcs.

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  1. Newton Common

    Personally I like the base colours and I don't think you need to over do the painting by adding to much more colour, just add some greenish colour for the base and different blues for the sky and make it more like an abstract as I think it would be different from your other work, mind you I am a newbie to painting so I value seeing some more established artist views...Looking forward to seeing the next stage...


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