Thursday 22 October 2015

Farleigh Wallop!

Farleigh Wallop!, acrylic on board, 2 x 4 foot
This badly photographed painting is to be part of Artikinesis' Basingstoke Project (if there's room for it in the exhibition - it's a little on the large side).

It shows the view of Basingstoke from Farleigh Wallop, a village to the south of the town, beyond the M3. I wanted to make the image bold and bright, as befits the late summer's day it shows and the vibrant town laid out before the viewer.

The followng images show a few snapshots of the painting's progress, starting with a sketch...
Earth-toned paint-drawing on the board

Excessively exuberant (and fun!), dribbly, splatty underpainting in roughly complementary colours

Where's Basingstoke?

This painting also features on the Artikinesis blog

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