Saturday 3 October 2015

Picture This - with Apologies to Blondie

All I want is red, yellow and blue
A sight worth seeing, a vision of New(bury)
From atop a car park with a view, oh-oh
Town hall clock, chiming the hour
Sterling cables, the telecom tower
Corn Exchange, chimneys and roofs, oh yeah

All I want is a some paint on my pallet
An A3 remembrance of something more solid
All I want is a picture of New(bury)

Picture this... a day in October
Picture this... reasonable weather
Artists in town, wielding cameras and canvas
Is that someone painting the garage?
If you could only oh-oh
Picture this... with acrylic and knife
Picture this... a Victorian gas works

All I want is to tell you about
Picture This - the show at Ace Space
But I forgot to take my own camera
So to see what I painted
Find St. Nicholas Road where
Picture This - the show at Ace Space
Will be on... oh yeah.

Edit: Click here to see the pictures in a new blog post.

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