Friday 19 July 2013

School Mural Project (Themes I)

There are several themes running through the project.

The linking theme is the local landscape and the local community, with a fair few rabbits thrown in for good measure, seeing as how Watership Down is in the vicinity. These are the themes that dominate the external mural scheme.

Inside, I am hoping to introduce a few of the school's history-based topics. However, I shall have to be careful with the rabbits...

Did you know that rabbits are not native to the British Isles?

I had thought that the Romans introduced rabbits...
... but it seems that, while they may have farmed the creatures, none escaped into the wilds of Britain.

Apparently, it was the Normans who we have to thank for our rabbits. I daresay that the Romans were responsible for establishing rabbits in France...

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