Tuesday 15 July 2014

New Greetings Card Range

30 paintings have been hand-picked for use on a range of high quality greetings cards. They use the same superior photography as the Fine Art prints (they are a subset of the bigger prints) and are printed to the same high standard on 300gsm cotton rag card.

The cards, which are hand finished, are nominally 7 x 5 inches or 5 x 5 inches and come with plain white envelopes.

At the moment, the cards are only available from me, but they will be on the Art Barn site in due course. The Art Barn will be selling predefined sets of cards. I can sell you the cards individually or in custom sets, but my sales aren't automated; you will need to contact me

You can see which paintings have been selected by clicking here.

Two of the proposed sets of cards

Introductory prices:
Individual card £3.00
Set of six cards £15.00
(+P&P £2)

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