Wednesday 16 July 2014

Kingsclere Downs - SOLD

This is the view from (almost) the top of The Dell, a road-cum-track that rises out of the village of Kingsclere in north Hampshire.
Cannon Heath Down and Watership Down make up the first ridge, with Ladle Hill and Beacon Hill behind them. The lowland area is given over to agriculture and racehorses (the larger conglomeration of buildings is the main Park House Stables complex).

With only slight exaggeration of the colours, this is how it all looked this afternoon. The sky was dramatically ominous and there was a certain flatness of colour beneath it. I sat and painted it for two and a half hours, being largely ignored by the dog walkers (I was hidden by the hedge, and I daresay that the dogs wanted their exercise). One lady stopped to compliment me on my colours, and to talk about how the hills are a constant inspiration.

Kingsclere Downs on The Dell
Left: All the colours blocked in.  -  Right: Finished

Kingsclere Downs
Oil on canvas, 46 x 55 cm

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