Monday 21 July 2014



Well, yes, but it wasn't really that big and the cream didn't ooze out quite that convincingly in real life. But it tasted very nice nonetheless...

The painting was done with brushes and was intended to follow the lead of Cherry Pop, with its neutral background and bright 'found' colours. This time, I painted from 'life' (cakes are not, of course, alive but it counts as still life) and found the colours all by myself - no computer posterization this time.

It was painted under a mixed light source - failing evening light and the LED lights we currently have in the kitchen - which is the reason for the two shadows in different colours.

Acrylic on box canvas, 20 x 26 cm
20 July 2014

Not for sale


  1. My favourite cake mind you my wife Collis's strawberry and fresh cream sponge comes a close second...great painting mind you if I was painting it half of the cake would be missing lol...

  2. You need more than one éclair, then, Phil - one to paint, and three to eat (my family ate the other three; I only ate this one). I kept it cool by putting a cool pack under the ceramic tile it was resting on.


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