Thursday 9 October 2014

Last orders on Porthtowan

This is a detail from the Really Big Canvas, AKA Porthtowan. A new detail.

The gentleman who commissioned the painting came to have a look yesterday. He was happy until he noticed an important missing detail (actually, he wasn't unhappy, even then): the pub.

We referred to my collection of badly printed photographs and located The Commodore. It was on a pink printout (the printer had run out of cyan and yellow), so I had to ask about colours. Fortunately, he knows the view well, and I didn't need to make it perfect - just a suggestion. I borrowed a bit of paint from Curve's palette and splodged the building in.

So that bit is definitely wet.

The rest of it seemed dry enough to move off the easel, and it would be nice to have the big easel back in action, so I found a nice bit of wall to lean Porthtowan up against.

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