Monday 20 October 2014

Tree near Ladle Hill (December)

There's this tree on the downs. It's between The Beeches and Ladle Hill, and it's very striking.

I started to pay it serious attention when an acquaintance asked if I'd painted it yet (I hadn't - I still haven't, because this is a drawing). I felt slightly proprietal about it - it was "my" future subject - so I was quite interested when I saw a photographer directing her lens at it yesterday. We had a lovely chat on the hill and exchanged cards - she's got some splendid images on her site,

This, however, is from one of my (rather poor, albeit vaguely atmospheric) photographs taken on a family walk last December.

Graphitint and Graphik Line Maker (Indian Ink) on Bristol Board, cropped from A4


  1. Been awhile since I commented on your work I have been very poorly with bad clinical depression, I really love this picture great work Amanda

    1. I am really sorry to hear that you have been ill, Phil. I hope things are better now. Thank you for the compliment.


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