Sunday 3 May 2015

Open and shut again... until Wednesday

The view that greets visitors as they come in to the studio.

... and in the corner ...
My first weekend of opening my studio as part of a scheme is over. Of course, there is a bank holiday tomorrow and that would, no doubt, be an excellent day to open. But I've set it aside as a family day.

During the weekend, I had just over a dozen visitors. I sold some cards and one painting and had some interesting discussions with visitors (interesting on various levels; some were about potential sales or commissions, others were more generally interesting). Two people suggested subjects (I am considering painting both), and a third made me think of another subject that would require access permission.

I also made several signs (mostly with arrows on) and carefully took them all down again at the end of each day. Along the way, I discovered that masking tape doesn't stick to brick very well; that it is inordinately useful to have railings at the front of a property (in this case, because you can easily attach board-backed signs to said railings with cable ties; they are also useful for locking bicycles to, of course).

And of course, I did some proper painting... but the light was insufficient to get a good photograph of it, and I'm not expecting to be back in the studio to rephotograph it until Wednesday, so you will just have to wait...
The photographs above were taken yesterday (the painting that sold is still in the corner shot).

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