Wednesday 13 May 2015

Full Length (Watership Down) - SOLD

Watership Down is rather long, and that is what I tried to demonstrate in this painting, made in the studio (mainly on Sunday, but I kept spotting problems and spent an hour or so sorting them out on Monday and on Tuesday10.

The local TV and radio mast (Hannington mast, on Cottington's Hill) can just be seen to the left of Watership Down, while to the right, Ladle Hill can be seen.

The painting was based on a series of photographs with an extra bit of borrowing from Watership Down and Ladle Hill and some imaginary grasses and flowers in the foreground.

And... here's an animated gif of the in-progress shots:

Full Length (Watership Down)
Oil on box canvas, 30 x 100 cm

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