Thursday 17 December 2015

Sketchbook Exchange 2016 (part 3a)

The theme is still Texture, the sub-theme is Rough. The drawing in this post uses two of the pages that I have in this book; the circumstances surrounding it require a little more explanation than they might, and so I thought I'd post it on its own.

This two page spread borrows more than a little from popular culture. Copyrighted popular culture. So I wrote to the copyright holders...

And it was alright (it might have helped that I emphasised the not-for-profit element).

2000AD (owners of Judge Dredd, character) told me to include a long statement.
CBS Records (holders of the copyright to "Ruff Justice", 90's indie classic by Pop Will Eat Itself) told me to talk to Pop Will Eat Itself.
Pop Will Eat Itself said, thanks for telling us, here's how the credit should be.

Here's "Ruff Justice". Just so you know, if you didn't already. Warning: they swear a bit.

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