Friday 18 December 2015

Sketchbook Exchange 2016 (part 3b - the other two)

The theme is Texture, the sub-theme is Rough.
I posted my copyright-minefield-averted on Thursday. Here are the rest of my Rough contributions.
In keeping with the hands-read-texture idea... a textured hand.
Drawn in carbon pencil.

I'm pretty useless with all these skincare accoutrements, but people still buy me them.
Now I know why - so that I can draw them!

I hardly ever use hog brushes; I find them too rough...

(The bottle brush is a ringer - it's not hog and it's not meant for painting with, although I'm sure someone somewhere has tried it. It occurs to me that it looks a bit like a big mascara wand. Shudder. I once tried drawing with mascara. It was not the easiest of cosmetics to apply to paper...)

Media, clockwise from 9 o'clock:
Graphitint pencils with water (applied using the depicted hog filbert) and a hint of Molotow;
Sailor Fude de Mannen (Japanese calligraphy pen) filled with indigo calligraphy ink;
Uniball and Molotow;
Rotring Artpen.

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