Tuesday 18 October 2011

Green to Orange Pumpkin (1)

I daresay I should have done a couple more Lego minifigures today, but I've been meaning to have a go at this pumpkin, before it turns all orange, for a while. My idea is to do a series of these 20cm square canvases portraying the same gourd as it gradually turns from green to orange. I thought I'd make it difficult for myself (and less pungent for the rest of the family) by eschewing brushes (and thinners - it's the turpentine that's smelly). Instead, I used a palette knife, which was a bit of a challenge considering the size of the canvas. I had to forgo the idea of faithfully recording the pattern of orange on green in favour of an impression.

Oh, yes, do you recognise the tiles? I dug them out again to provide a bit of continuity between this and the older squashes

Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 cm


  1. This is a home-grown pumpkin. It's quite scarred, from contact with the ground - I painted that by lifting the knife away from the canvas, creating a spikey effect that I think captures the roughness of the scar quite well, As it happens, the pumpkin itself is about 21 cm tall (and just a little broader); not much bigger than the canvas itself.

  2. Beautiful! We like similar subjects...I'm working on a big squash right now, and have often though of drawing those little Lego figures!

  3. Thank you, Sarah! It's a good time of year for making pictures of squashes... and the Lego minifigures are, it seems, very popular.


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