Wednesday 5 October 2011

Watership Down with Sheep

It was very windy today, which made painting a bit difficult. I was also a bit short of time, because my car had to go in to the garage (I wasn't using it; I walked). I was glad that I only had a small board with me (is a board less likely to catch the wind than a canvas? I'm not sure). This painting took me about an hour and a half to complete; the image you can see is a photograph taken of the wet painting after its journey home and before any titivating (and prior to the addition of a signature).

The white dots on the side of the down are - like it says in the title - sheep. Very far away sheep.

This was a new vantage point, in a field near Nuthanger Farm. I wanted to get higher up than last time - which necessitated being further away - and to see the down full on, rather at an angle. I'm not, however, convinced that it's as attractive a view as the one painted from the valley floor. The lack of sunshine might make a huge difference, though...

Oil on board, 12 x 10"
The board is a commercially prepared canvas board.

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