Wednesday 19 October 2011

Lego Minifigures 2 & 3: "Blue Astronaut" and "Policeman" - BOTH SOLD

Here are the fruits of today's labours. I've decided that this series is allowed to break one of my cardinal painting rules, viz. don't use black. It's an accepted fact that there are scarcely any true blacks in nature (blackberries are a very deep purple, as anyone who's eaten them can testify; shadows are merely areas where there is less light, and charcoal is ... well, not quite natural, but you'll find dark greys and browns in most hunks of burnt wood, even the slow-burnt wood that is charcoal). But, let's face it, Lego isn't nature. It's plastic. So I felt perfectly justified in using some Mars Black plastic paint (a.k.a acrylic) to paint the black bits on the Lego figures. Of course, the highlights are another matter.

Lego Minifigure 2: "Blue Astronaut", acrylic on canvas, 7 x 7 cm. - SOLD
Lego Minifigure 3: "Policeman", acrylic on canvas, 7 x 7 cm. - SOLD

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  1. I love the smiley blue spaceman, he reminds me of Mr Ben.


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