Wednesday 26 September 2012

Live Bands Every Week

I have plans to feature a more complete view of this public house in a bigger painting, but, for now, here is a small acrylic of its prominent advertisement for regular live music.

Rather unfortunately, the hostelry itself was out of action on the occasion of my visit, so the sign wasn't true. I have taken the liberty of removing the "temporarily closed" notice from the sign-written window, because I can...

This took me bits of two evenings to complete. This is what it looked like yesterday:

I played around with glaze media - I found a gloss glaze medium in my apparently bottomless box of weird acrylics (there are some fluorescent colours in there, too. I'm not sure I will ever make a lot of use of those). I had forgotten all about the gloss glaze (I've occasionally used the matt glaze to tone down the backgrounds of a minifigure painting). It seemed like a good idea to use it to paint reflections in glass.

It does work. That bit's shinier than the rest. But I'm not sure that the scan, er, reflects it properly.

I also used the matt glaze medium to brighten up the greyer bits of the white portico.

Acrylic on canvas, 5 x 7"
SOLD (in Bromley)


  1. Hey Amanda I wish it were true! I would get my band to play there!

    - Carole-Anne

    1. You would have been in good company... I'm told it was a certain Mr. Bowie's local.


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