Saturday 22 September 2012

The folks at LEGO® , they say...

I sent an e-mail to LEGO, partly because I thought they might like to see my LEGO minifigure paintings, and partly because I wanted to enquire about their position on my representations of their product, and my use of the word LEGO. I also mentioned the possibilities of a future self-published book, and of greetings cards based on the LEGO paintings.

They were very complimentary about the paintings (apparently the link was passed around the office), and were kind enough to supply a few guidelines about the use of the word LEGO. They seemed unconcerned about the idea of my print-on-demand book (which isn't finished yet; I have some more paintings to do first) or short run of greetings cards - as long as I didn't try to claim any association with the company.

Now I have a question to ask you: are there any of the LEGO paintings that you would like to have on a greetings card?

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