Tuesday 11 June 2013

Not the Royal Academy on BBC4

The London exhibition that will, at some stage, feature my Avebury Sheep is on right now, folks, and, what is more, the exhibition is featured in this coming Sunday's Review Show on BBC4.

BBC 4 Television on Sunday 16 June 2013 at 8.00pm
The hour-long programme will have a 10 minutes slot allocated to art which will include some filming at 3 venues and a panel discussion on the following 3 exhibitions:

  • Academy Summer Exhibition 2013
  • Not The Royal Academy 2013
  • The Hayward Gallery - Alternative guide to the Universe
All the panelists have visited Not The Royal Academy at Llewellyn Alexander individually over the last week.  They have not met up since their visits to the 3 Galleries before their panel discussion.
Follow the link to Llewellyn Alexander to see some of the work that will be on show. I didn't see mine, but they say they will be changing the shown works regularly.

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