Friday 28 June 2013

Kingsclere Gallops - SOLD

There's a place near here where the footpath runs alongside a lowland gallop. It's on my way to my favourite painting pitch. Last year, I managed to coincide with the local racing stables' morning exercise, and I sneaked a few photographs.

I kind of sat on the subject until recently, when I was discussing the local community in terms of pictures. It seemed like a good time to dig out the racehorses. I made a painted sketch on cardboard, using a limited acrylic palette and an outlined style inspired by Fauvism:
A friend liked it, so I made a more involved painting.

Both used a limited palette: black, burnt umber, ultramarine, titanium white, yellow ochre and, for the work on canvas only, azo yellow medium.

You might recognise the trees to the left - they are my "Skyline" trees that have featured in Skyline, Skyline 2 and Study in Yellow.

Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 40 cm
Spoken for and SOLD

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