Sunday 23 June 2013

School Fête

Yesterday was the day of the local Primary School Fête. My children both go to the school in question, and I decided to take my smaller paintings (7x7cm - including the LEGO paintings - and 5x7") and assorted printed merchandise along as a stallholder.

It rained. Not all the time, but when it did rain, it did so seriously. The wind was taking itself seriously, too. Especially when we put our tent up...

Tent? Yes, tent. A gazebo would, no doubt, have been easier, but it would also have been more expensive (we already had the tent - a 1970s frame tent with a cotton canvas outer) and it would have afforded less shelter. The tent was quite cosy, once it was up. It isn't fully waterproof - as we discovered on a camping trip to France - but it didn't get wet enough to leak, so all was well.

Footfall was relatively low (especially outdoors), so I didn't sell a huge amount, but yesterday's best sellers were the T-shirts. It might have helped that I'd reduced them. £5 for a basic unisex T-shirt? I barely make anything on them, but I'm keeping them at that price for a week or so, including orders.

Kids T-shirts cost a bit more, as do grey or black unisex, and ladies are the most expensive. Heaven knows why.

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